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Bringing our own bridal brand to our Bridal Shop in Snohomish.
Snohomish bride in our Luvliest gown.
Luvliest bridal collection at For the Luv of Bridal

At For the Luv we are all about making memories and creating unforgettable experiences!


Step into pure luxury as our dedicated bridal stylist pampers you, while you enjoy our signature Luvey Bubbly in a bridal suite, exclusively reserved for you and your guests!

Step right into the wonderland of bridal dreams, where magic meets affordability! Here at Snohomish's freshest bridal boutique, we're on a mission to infuse enchantment into your wedding dress shopping journey. Gone are the days of breaking the bank for that perfect gown. We believe that every bride deserves to feel like royalty without draining her pockets.

Picture this: you, in the gown of your dreams, walking down the aisle without a care in the world about the price tag. Yes, you heard it right! ALL our wedding dresses range from $1699-$2099. No tricks, no hidden fees, just pure bridal bliss. We've got every body size covered from 0 to 38 because beauty knows no bounds. Your perfect fit is waiting for you right here.

But wait, there's more! If time allows, we can order your dress. But why wait when you can take it home the same day and let the countdown to your magical day begin!

So, why wait? Come on in and let's create some bridal magic together!

by the LUV of the dress and the beauty of the bride.
Image by Colette Allen
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